• Create your own WebTV
  • Earn by your WebTV
  • Run schedule & Play list
  • Web cast Live programs
  • Get detail report/ statistics
  • Play On-demand Videos
  • Interactive Media Player
  • Payment
  • MobileTV
  • Mobile Apps
  • Admin Panel
  • Other Interactive Features

Create your own WebTV Channel:

You can create your own channel. After creating a channel, you will get an admin panel, where you can-

- Upload and archive your videos

- Create schedule for live event and web cast your program Live

- Run the selected videos as a play-list in your channel home page


Earn Money:

a) Earn money by selling your premium content (live/ recorded program)

- You may charge your viewers to watch your premium videos/ live programs

- You may ask your viewer to subscribe (monthly/ yearly) to watch your channel.

b) Get an advertisement for your channel and earn money

- There are several spaces at the WebTv channel page, where you can place advertisement of your sponsor

- You can also run video/image advertisement at your player at any time (at the beginning, runtime and ending)

c) Sell any video clips recorded on spot and worth airing in TV – to national or international especially to news TV channels and earn money.

Run Schedule & Play list Video:

Channel home page will display schedule & play list Video.

Scheduled Video:

You can create live session and run the live program at player as scheduled. There will be a countdown for the scheduled video. The program will start automatically at the player on time.

Play list Video:

You can select play list videos from admin and it will run in the channel home page. Viewers will watch the play list videos if there is no live session.


You can Webcast Live programs:

-You can host / create live sessions from the admin panel.

- You can create a schedule and WebCast your events/programs LIVE as scheduled at the channel home page.

- Live videos can be shown as free, registered, subscribed or paid.

- You can use Abode Media Encoder or other 3rd party software to WebCast your event by using XML.

- Sign up/Sign in options for teachers/trainers and students/trainees.

- You can share your desktop Live while training or teaching.

- You can use the Whiteboard solution that enables you to upload presentations, show video and writing while taking class/training.

- You can see and talk with your students/trainees live and vice versa through video chat and text.


Get detail Report/ Statistics:

You will get following report/ statistics of your channel-

- Video/Audio/Play-list/Live: Total Hits, Total Votes, Total Likes etc.

- Comments: Title, user name, date and time etc. .

- Advertisement report: Start and end date, Total hits etc.

- Live Web Cast: Total hit, Real-time viewers, total likes, total votes, total comments etc.

- Billing: User name, billing date, Billing amount, Paid amount, discount, Payment status, payment date and time etc.

- You can view the statistics as graph mode, so that you can easily understand the value of your contents.

Channel Video Gallery to play on-demand Videos:

Uploaded videos are archived to the channel as video gallery. The major features of the video gallery are-

- Live Web casted videos can be recorded and archived to the video gallery instantly.

- You have option to show the archived videos free, registration based, subscription based or paid. You can make the video as premium content, so that NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO COPY OR DOWNLOAD the video free.

- User will be able to search and sort the recorded videos of your channel


Interactive Media Player:

Other than general media player features, WebTvnext player has many interactive features –

- You can add your logo

- You can add scrolling text.

- You can add text, image and video advertisement on the player

- Hit Counter (active/ inactive option),

- Support Multiple bit rate / load balancing

- Multiple camera preview option

- Copy Right Protection

- Embed Code etc.



You will have a payment gateway at your channel. You may activate it if you decide to go for any subscription/payment for the viewers for your channel or for any premium contents.

Your viewers around the world will be able to pay by the following methods-

- 2Checkout: 2Checkout's on-line processing provides your business the ability to accept payments from customers in over 200 countries. It will allow your customers to make purchases in any of 8 payment methods, 15 languages, and 26 currencies.

- SSLCommerz (For Bangladeshi Clients Only): Your customers will be able to pay for your channel using local(Bangladesh) credit/debit cards like VISA, MasterCard, DBBL Nexus Card and Brac Bank credit card or bank accounts right from your on-line channel.

- BKash (For Bangladeshi Clients Only):Your customers will be able to pay for your channel using BKash. BKash provides fast and convenient financial services through mobile devices. bKash is currently available on Robi, Grameenphone and Banglalink networks.

- Cash Transfer (For Bangladeshi Clients Only): Your customers will be able to pay by cash or by wire transfer or bank transfer.


Mobile Apps:

You can live stream any program/incidence/gathering/scene/rally/meeting/news item in streets through your cell phone directly to your channel and let your viewers watch it LIVE

- Upload Video from Mobile: You can upload your mobile videos to your channel right from your mobile using an Android Application. You can download this Android application from the webtvnext.com FREE and upload content to your own channel.

- Live streaming through Mobile: If you have WebtvNext channel, you will have an option to download an application from webtvnext.com to stream your event live in your channel from your mobile any time from anywhere.

Admin Panel:

You will have an Admin Panel, which has easy to use (and friendly) interface. You can control all the features from your admin panel. Example-

- Add, modify, delete, sort, search video clips.

- Edit play list and Create Schedule.

- Add logo, select skin/theme, modify title, description, etc.

- Statistics section has basic states for your clips, channels and search.

- Manage Advertisement.

- Manage Live events etc.


Other Interactive Features :

- Searching and Sorting: Your views will be able to search your channel content very easily. There is an advance search option. Viewers will be able to watch related videos, featured videos, latest videos, most viewed and top rated videos.

- Comment Module: Your will be able to post comments on live and on-demand videos. As a channel owner you have an option to moderate the comment. Users will be able to write comments about your videos using the Facebook Plug-in.